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Solutions for the Washroom Counter

Solutions for the
Washroom Counter
Counter-mounted soap dispensers are a core part of an easy to maintain, clean, and an aesthetically appealing washroom. Dispensers next to sinks eliminate soap and water drips on the counter from hands reaching for soap dispensers mounted on walls or mirrors. Counter mount also frees up space on walls and mirrors, thus creating more space to draw attention to your design intent. 
Bobrick has been a leader in counter-mounted soap dispensers for decades. With millions installed, our B-822 is one of the most popular soap dispensers of the modern era. Today, we offer a variety of solutions to meet your unique facility needs for both image and maintenance on the washroom counter.
Whatever the design needs of your building, Bobrick has a solution that can meet the demands you have for the look and feel you want for your washrooms, while still delivering on performance.
Durability is important to Bobrick, especially when it comes to soap dispensers. All of our dispensers are engineered and tested with that in mind and come with a three year warranty. Use this brochure to help select the right level of durability in dispensers that your building requires.
By not using cartridges, Bobrick’s counter-mounted soap dispensers reduce waste from both the unused soap thrown away in cartridges, and the waste of the cartridges themselves.  This can result in up to 57% less post-consumer waste. Our dispensers also give you the freedom to use green soaps.
With the right soap dispensing system for your counter, your building can realize significant savings on the cost of soap. Universal bulk soap can cost significantly less than proprietary cartridge systems, in some cases up to 80% less.
Dispensers filled from the top of a counter or serviced through a cabinet on the side eliminate the need to remove the panels that are now common underneath washroom counters, greatly reducing the time needed to service a washroom.