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How to make your Solid Color Reinforced Composite Toilet Partition selection:

  1. Select mounting configuration
  2. Pick color or pattern
  3. Choose desired hardware
  4. Choose desired privacy options
  5. Choose desired dividers/screens.

Model number example:
Overhead-Braced, Terra Cotta, Full Height Hardware, Gap-Free:
1092G.67, SC03





Solid Color Reinforced Composite

SierraSeries® 1090

  • Solid color clear through
  • Non-ghosting graffiti removal
  • Scratch, dent, moisture, impact resistant
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Class B ASTM E84
Mounting Configurations
Solid color reinforced composite earthtone colors:

Important Note:

Minor edge nicks and random color variations are a normal consequence of manufacturing material containing natural fibers. Where color consistency is critical, compact laminate 1080 DuraLineSeries is recommended. SierraSeries Solid Color Reinforced Composite (SCRC) colors are for descriptive purposes only. Request color samples for color confirmation.

SCRC is a natural material comprised of wood chips, dyes and resins with a melamine surface. Edges lack a melamine surface and may discolor in environments with significant lighting. Discoloration of edges, should it occur, is not covered under warranty.
Stainless Steel Hardware
Standard Concealed Stainless Steel (1090)
  • Heavy-gauge type 304 stainless steel
  • Hinges adjust for partial opening or self-closing
  • Slide latch with keeper
  • Clothes hook
  • Emergency access inswing doors
Optional Full-Height Stainless Steel (1090)
  • Heavy-gauge type 304 stainless steel
  • Self-closing hinge runs full height
  • Full-height angle bracket and U-channels
  • Reinforced latch, keeper
  • Emergency access inswing doors
  • Add suffix .67 to 1090 Series Number
Standard Stile Base Leveling Device (1090)
  • 7-gauge steel angle leveling bar factory installed to stile
  • 3/8" (10mm) diameter stainless steel wedge floor anchors
  • Patented 1-piece shoe conceals leveling device
Standard Factory-Installed Inserts (1090)
  • Metal-to-metal contact for securing hardware
  • Withstand 1500 lbs (6672 N) pull-out-force
  • Vandal-resistant Pin-in-head Torx Screws
ASTM E 84 Surface burning characteristics

ASTM E 84 Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish Classification (click to view larger)

Please see:

Technical Bulletin TB-73

ASTM E 84 Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials


Privacy Options
Gap-Free Interlocking

These front views of Gap-Free partition doors
interlocking design, open and closed; no sight lines.

TPS_SCRC_SierraSeries_1090_Privacy_Gap-Free-Interlocking-D2_81x119px.jpg  TPS_SCRC_SierraSeries_1090_Privacy_Gap-Free-Interlocking-D1_80x120px.jpg

Select here to view our Privacy Partition Brochure



72" doors/panels,
4-5/16" floor clearance. Standard or Optional

Model numbers change to 2090

Overhead-Braced Shower Dividers

Shower curtain track and hooks in headrail.

Overhead-braced configuration can be furnished with shower curtains, curtain track and hooks concealed in headrail.

Wall-Hung, Floor-Anchored,
Post-To-Ceiling Screens

Coordinate urinal, entrance screens, shower dividers and dressing compartments with toilet partitions. Select Solid Color Reinforced Composite or Solid Phenolic for wet areas..

SierraSeries® Shower dividers, dressing compartments,
and urinal screen model number summary
Shower Dividers
Class B
Dressing Compartments
Class B
Urinal Screens
Class B
Overhead-Braced 1092 1092
Floor-To-Ceiling 1091
Post-To-Ceiling 1093
Wall-Hung 1095
Ceiling-Hung 1098
SierraSeries® Toilet Partition Model Number Summary
(Show Maximum-Height Door and Panel Model Numbers)
Standard Hardware Optional Full-Height Hardware
Floor-Anchored Class B1091 Class B, GAP-FREE1091G Class B1091.67 Class B, GAP-FREE1091G.67
Overhead-Braced 1092 1092G 1092.67 1092G.67
Floor-To-Ceiling 1096 1096G 1096.67 1096G.67
Ceiling-Hung 1098 1098G 1098.67 1098G.67
SierraSeries® Toilet Partition Maximum-Height Door and
Panel Model Numbers Summary
(Show Toilet Partition Model Number)
Standard Hardware Optional Full-Height Hardware
Floor-Anchored 2091 2091G 2091.67 2091G.67
Overhead-Braced 2092 2092G 2092.67 2092G.67
Floor-To-Ceiling 2096 2096G 2096.67 2096G.67